A New Touristic Destination

By car, 2 hours from Lombok International Airport, 1 hour from Selong, area main city, 1 hour from Rinjani trekking departures, 1 hour from the oldest mosque of Lombok, 10 minutes from the ferry to Sumbawa, 5 minutes from the protected ancient and unique Lian trees, and 20 minutes by boat from a few virgin tiny islands. The coral in front, along the mainland and around the nearby islands is in perfect condition. The coast itself is untouched, the color of the beach varies between white, pink and brown.

To the west is Central Lombok Regency. To the south is the Lombok Basin and the Indian Ocean and to the east lies Alas Strait, a narrow body of water separating Lombok and the nearby small Gili Belang from Sumbawa which lies approximately 15 km to the east. The north of the Regency where lies the Java Sea, is on the eastern flank of Mount Rinjani which at 3,726 m is the third highest mountain the second largest volcano in the country.

Rinjani supplies a rainfall catchment area to the region and several into eastern Lombok rivers flow from its slopes. The sea supports a small local fishing industry, seaweed harvesting, a pearl industry and prawn farming.


 EAST LOMBOK DIVE HOTEL is located on the beach of the district of Sambelia, in the north, which counts around 30.000 inhabitants. The majority of the population are Sasak people and are primarily Muslim, with few people of Balinese origin compared with West Lombok. Bahasa Sasak is the native language of the indigenous people of Lombok, Bahasa Indonesia is the language most widely used at places such as hotels, larger shops, and in the government offices. Public ferries provide services for both passengers and vehicles. Labuhan Lombok at 10 minutes from EAST LOMBOK DIVE HOTEL provides connections eastward to Sumbawa with 8 ferries for a total of 18 crossings per day. The growing tourism industry in Lombok has had little effect on the eastern coast due to the proximity of the new Lombok International Airport in Praya, at 2 hours from our facility. It serves destinations in Java, Bali, Sumbawa, but also international connections to Singapore and Malaysia. 

Between Manta Rays & Rinjani Volcano

EAST LOMBOK DIVE HOTEL offers elegant accommodations, a beach bar, a restaurant and holidays activities. Obtaining a permanent place in the local and national market is our primary goal, we wish to continue to acquire national and international renown as an ecotourism destination. We see it as our main mission to provide high quality services, respecting Nature at competitive prices to our guests and developing projects with the local population. The area needs to stay the perfect destination for travelers looking for a quiet place to relax in the middle of an untouched Nature.


EAST LOMBOK DIVE HOTEL offers plenty of activities in the surrounding area. Snorkeling, scuba diving, boat trips, trekking on volcano, in the forest, visit of a traditional Sasak village... and invite the guests to participate in educational and environmental actions.
Swimming just in the front is easy even during the low tide of the sea. If some cannot swim, the hotel provides buoys.
Boats are able to pick up the guests on the front beach.

Cars, motorbikes, with or without driver and bicycles are available for rent.


A parking near the hotel has direct access to the main road.


No specific safety problem in the area, anyway, the hotel has the important and newest addresses and phone numbers in case of emergencies. To reach the closest clinic takes less than 10 minutes.

EDUCATION - Locals & Tourists

Environmental education is open to everyone without minimum age. Most of the courses are free of charges for the tourist or local participants: meetings, beach clean-ups, observations of the nature with counting…

EAST LOMBOK DIVE HOTEL is also involved with the local schools and offers trainings for future staff selected on abilities. Their periods vary depending of the candidate and the task, touching several domains: scuba diving, languages, graphic design, art, management, accounting...

The location has been selected because of the quality of the Nature above and under the water, the easy access, the nearby boulevard... a perfect place to observe the growth of its tourism. EAST LOMBOK DIVE HOTEL has the responsibility as pioneer in the zone to protect its treasures from wrong behaviour, and to help the local population to participate in this harmonious development.

Wearing a uniform and a smile, each employee is able to carry out the philosophy of the company as decided during the meetings and written in the chart. The quality of the area add to our teaching are finally beneficial to the environment, the guests and the company.

A few minutes from a small town, the ferry harbor, close enough from the airport, due to the near by ring road of Lombok island, we feel far from the crowd and the modern world in the middle of a wonderful nature without being away from basic facilities. It is easy to find very healthy products to supply our restaurant thanks to a rich local market and a small fishing industry, without forgetting the numerous coconut trees, banana trees, mango trees, pineapple fields...

North East Lombok most famous treasure is its underwater world, this is the best area for scuba diving in Lombok, easy and colorful. The Nature is real and pure, we do have everything: manta rays, turtles, clown-fish, seahorses, whale-sharks... and the water is crystal clear.

EAST LOMBOK DIVE HOTEL offers SCUBA COURSES from Bubblemaker for kids until Divemaster, in English, French and Spanish.

See you soon.


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